Lawn care doesn’t have to be difficult

For most of us, maintaining a beautiful green lawn feels like a monumental task. But it's actually not that big of a deal. Your lawn just needs a few things to flourish. And we're going to share some trade secrets so that you can get the perfect lawn - without the effort.

3 MIN 17 Apr
Last update: 02 Sep 2021

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Your lawn needs food, just like us.

Fertilising your lawn three times a year helps provide all the nutrients your grass plant needs – not just to survive, but to thrive.

You can fertilise a 500-square-metre lawn in half an hour. So, for just 90 minutes of work each year, you can enjoy a beautiful, robust, and hardy lawn that requires very little else.

Fertilising nourishes the roots of the plant and promotes a vibrant green colour. Offer the nutrients your grass needs, and enjoy a hardy, moss- and weed-free lawn all year round.



Golf courses and football fields are regularly overseeded, and that’s what gives them that flawless look. So, if you’re looking for pitch-perfect grass, you need to overseed. 

Overseeding is nothing more than just throwing grass seed over your existing lawn. This helps replenish bald spots and keeps the lawn lush and full. 

Old grass plants grow slowly, while newer plants grow steadily and evenly. New grass plants establish themselves each time you overseed which helps inhibit weed- and moss growth. It also increases your lawn’s reproduction capacity, giving you a stunning, thick lawn all year round. 


Renovate by scarifying


It sounds like something you might do at Hallowe’en, doesn’t it? 

But, this process will rejuvenate your lawn like no other. 

Fertilising and overseeding brings great results, but – eventually – your entire lawn will need renovating (removing old, dead grass and wild growth, and replacing it with robust, newer grass plants). 

Scarifying is one of the more challenging lawn-maintenance jobs – and it can be a little – well, scary. 

At first, it will look like you’ve totally wrecked your lawn. But give it a week or two, and your lawn springs to life: stronger and more vibrant than ever before. 

You could scarify a 500-square-metre patch in a morning, but you’ll need the right tools, fertilisers, and grass seeds


What can you do now?

First things first: assess your lawn. If there are bald patches and lots of moss or weeds, then you could consider scarifying. Otherwise, just fertilise three times a year, and overseed once a year. 

Scarification, fertilisation AND overseeding takes less than a day’s work (spread over a year). But it’s time well spent: just think of the fantastic lawn you’ll have in return.


Why mow your lawn?

It’s vital to mow your lawn correctly.

I see mowing as my favourite pastime: I’m a grass fanatic.

Mowing is my meditation: I don’t think about anything else for a while, and just live in the moment. I put on my favourite music and make the most beautiful, straight lines.

That really is my thing.

And the smell of freshly cut grass?! There’s nothing better.

Each time you mow, you encourage new growth. And over time, regular mowing fills out the lawn and makes it look neater.

Mowing promotes hardiness: each time you mow, you damage the grass, forcing the plant to repair itself. The cutting blade’s damage triggers a hormone within the grass plant that encourages growth and healing, creating a deeper green colour and more vigorous growth.

Mow with sharp blades, and only once a week; that’s more than enough. If you skip a week now and then, don’t mow shorter than you did before – that can be very stressful for the grass.

If growth has gone too far, do a little renovation: fertilise well and restart the regular mowing regime.



Comments (7)

Eileen Guy
Sep 28, 2021

We had a new lawn laid by so called professionals in December last year they laid it on top of the old lawn, the weeds and plants from the old lawn have continuously come through the new lawn. I really don’t think this was a correct way of laying a lawn please could you confirm and what can we do to rectify it please.

Anne Maatmananswered Eileen Guy
Oct 12, 2021

Dear Eileen,

You’re right, this is not how a lawn should be prepared and laid. I can imagine your disappointment. My best advice is to contact the company you hired and try to settle at least for some of the costs. We would like to have a look at the lawn if you could send some photos including a close-up and overview of the lawn to Luckily, with good and regular care, we do think it is possible to get rid of most of the weeds and maintain a healthy lawn. If you contact us via email I will share some tips that are relevant for your particular lawn.

Kind regards,

Daryl Luke
Sep 22, 2021

My lawn is newly grown from April, should I wait until Spring 2022 to scarify ?

Anne Maatmananswered Daryl Luke
Sep 27, 2021

Dear Daryl,

Thanks for asking and you’re right. It would be best to wait till Spring 2022.

Kind regards,

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