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Winter Autumn
Garden tools Grass Scented candle Bring the energising aromas of springtime into your home any time of year with our gorgeous MOOWY scented candle. Let the evocative fragrance of freshly-cut grass drift through your home. And combined with a delightful, energising citrus note, the MOOWY Scented Candle elevates the atmosphere, leaving a gorgeous, subtle aroma to help you escape the dullest of winters. Transform your room with that ultimate spring feeling! £16.90 Go to product
Lawn feed All-Round lawn fertiliser All-Round Fertiliser is an all-round nutrient boost that drastically improves your lawn's resistance, health, and colour. Enjoy a full deep green lawn throughout the autumn and winter with All-Round Fertiliser! From: £11.99 Go to product
Kits Autumn Lawn Care Kit In autumn, your lawn recovers from the hot summer days and slowly but surely prepares for the cold season. If you want to support your lawn in this process, you can care for it with our autumn lawn care set. Our All-round Lawn Fertiliser provides the necessary nutrients and Lawn Lime improves the pH value of the soil. From: £17.99 Go to product
Garden tools Pressure sprayer 4L This 4-litre garden pressure sprayer makes the job of applying liquid fertilisers and soil conditioners easy. A small & comfortable design makes it easier to get to the roots quickly. £29.99 Go to product