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Sprinkler on Feet

Water your entire lawn at once with this handy impact sprinkler. This portable sprinkler has a long range with a diameter of 25 meters. The water is spread over the lawn like a mist for young lawns, or you can adjust the nozzle for heavier droplets for established lawns. Can be set to a range of 90- to 360-degrees!

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This long-range sprinkler has a field-reach of 25 metres, providing a portable, reliable, and straightforward way to water your lawn. Read more...

If you’re establishing seedlings, you’ll want a fine mist rather than heavy droplets that can damage the young plant. For established lawns, you can water more quickly with heavier droplets.

This portable impact sprinkler is perfect for large lawns - just pick it up and move it to different zones for a good soaking over the entire lawn.

Impact sprinklers have a pivoting head that provides broad coverage of spray. You can adjust the spray between 90- and 360-degrees: ideal for young and established lawns.

This type of sprinkler system is widely used worldwide, known for its durability, reliability, and water-efficiency.

  • Portable sprinkler with stable feet - just set it on the ground and go.
  • Zinc sprinkler head
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Variable coverage - between 90- and 360-degree span
  • Brass hose connector
  • Provides coverage of up to 25m in diameter (with standard water pressure)

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  • Wide reach, max. 25m
  • Compatible with all standard garden hoses
  • Between 90- and 360-degree coverage
  • Impact sprinkling is better for newly seeded lawns
  • Durable finish: will not rust
  • Sprinkler head is made of zinc; with a coated base
  • Fully adjustable spray pattern
  • Ideal to use after fertilising to improve feed penetration