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Weesperstraat 61 1018VN Amsterdam Netherlands

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Company registration number (kvk): 81209738
VAT number: GB368862248


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Ask us anything. We are here to help.

Other FAQ
Which payment methods do you accept in the MOOWY online store?
We offer the following payment methods: - PayPal - Credit card (VISA/MasterCard/American Express). Please note: we check your payment data at checkout and reserve the right to exclude individual payment methods.
What countries does MOOWY deliver to?
We ship to Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.
Do I have to pay for the return of products?
No, there are no costs associated with returning products.
My fertiliser is not working. Why not?
Lawn care is dependent on the weather - requiring the right temperature and moisture levels before it activates fully. It may take a few extra days before the fertiliser works depending on the ambient conditions.
My grass seeds are not germinating. What is wrong?
If the soil temperature is below 10 ℃, the grass seed will not germinate - it’s nature! :) When the temperature reaches around 10 ℃ or a little higher, the germination process will get going and grass will begin to appear within a couple of weeks..