Garden tools

Achieving the perfect lawn takes a little work. But without the right tools, it can feel like a LOT of work. MOOWY’s premium-quality garden tools make light work of tricky tasks. From hand spreaders and lawn sprinklers to our unique aerator sandals, leaf rakes, and scarifying tools. For fabulous lawns, you need reliable tools.

Used for

Garden tools Hollow Tine Aerator Aerate your lawn with our exceptional lawn aerator. Aerating permits the even distribution of air, water, and nutrients throughout the soil. Strengthens the roots, improves drainage, and gives you a stronger lawn. £ 24.99 View product
Garden tools Lawn Care Safety Kit Protect yourself while fertilising and spraying pesticides in your garden. Our Lawn Care Safety Kit includes comfortable safety goggles, tough rubber gardening gloves, and a protective face mask. £ 10.79 View product
Garden tools Lawn Aerator A lawn aerator improves the distribution of water, nutrients, and air through your soil, creating a more robust root network and a healthy, luscious lawn. Aeration should be performed once or twice every year for optimal benefit. £ 57.99 View product
Garden tools Lawn Aerator Shoes Aerating your lawn has never been easier. Allow more air, water, and nutrients to absorb through to the roots. Just slip these specially designed lawn aerator sandals over your shoes, and get to work. £ 14.99 View product
Garden tools Sprinkler with Stabilising Awl Watering your lawn has never been easier, thanks to our Impact Sprinkler with Stabilising Awl. Creates an adjustable mist that optimises absorption for young and established lawns. £ 24.99 View product
Garden tools Sprinkler on Feet Water your entire lawn at once with this handy impact sprinkler. This portable sprinkler has a long range with a diameter of 25 meters. The water is spread over the lawn like a mist for young lawns, or you can adjust the nozzle for heavier droplets for established lawns. Can be set to a range of 90- to 360-degrees! £ 34.99 View product
Garden tools Pressure Sprayer 4L This 4-litre garden pressure sprayer makes the job of applying liquid fertilisers and soil conditioners easy. A small & comfortable design makes it easier to get to the roots quickly. £ 23.99 View product
Garden tools Handheld Spreader Uneven spreading of grass seed or fertiliser results in leaf-burn, dark streaks, and patchy lawns. Overcome the problem of uneven spreading with MOOWY’s excellent Handspreader tool. Ideal for spreading grass seed, lawn feed, fertiliser, or lawn sand. £ 23.90 View product
Garden tools Adjustable Scarifying Rake Give your grass a chance to thrive by ridding it of moss and thatch with MOOWY’s brilliant scarifying rake. Adjustable for comfort. £ 59.99 View product
Garden tools Pressure Sprayer 7L This 7-litre pressure sprayer makes light work of applying liquid fertilisers or soil improvers. With a handy, comfortable, over-the-shoulder fit, this ingenious piece of kit makes back-breaking jobs a real pleasure. £ 33.99 View product
Garden tools Pop-up Garden Garbage Bag MOOWY’s pop-up garden waste bag is self-supporting. The mouth of the bag stays open, leaving your hands free to get the job done quickly. The sprung spine easily collapses for storage and ensures that the waste bag retains its shape and stays neatly in place during use. £ 21.99 View product
Garden tools Pressure Sprayer 10L Applying liquid fertiliser can be a tedious task with a watering can - especially for larger lawns. MOOWY’s handy Backpack Sprayer makes light work of applying liquid fertiliser or soil conditioner to your lawn. £ 41.99 View product