The winter is the ideal time for testing your soil’s acidity, treating it, and combatting moss before it takes hold.

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Lawn feed 4.8 (19 reviews) 2-in-1 Moss Killer and Fertiliser Iron Plus 2-in-1 fertiliser and moss killer colours your grass a deep, lush green, helping the lawn recover after its winter dormancy. Iron sulphate is suitable for all lawn types (with or without moss).  From: £ 13.99 View product
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Lawn feed 4.9 (16 reviews) All-Round Lawn Fertiliser All-Round Fertiliser is an all-round nutrient boost that drastically improves your lawn's resistance, health, and colour. Enjoy a full deep green lawn throughout the autumn and winter with All-Round Fertiliser! From: £ 12.99 View product
Lawn feed 4.8 (4 reviews) Lawn Lime Lime treatments help your grass absorb more nutrients from the earth and other lawn care products you apply throughout the year. Our Lawn Lime is made from English limestone and is super-effective in lowering your soil’s acidity level. From: £ 11.99 View product
Garden tools Lawn Care Safety Kit Protect yourself while fertilising and spraying pesticides in your garden. Our Lawn Care Safety Kit includes comfortable safety goggles, tough rubber gardening gloves, and a protective face mask. £ 10.79 View product
Garden tools Lawn Aerator Shoes Aerating your lawn has never been easier. Allow more air, water, and nutrients to absorb through to the roots. Just slip these specially designed lawn aerator sandals over your shoes, and get to work. £ 14.99 View product
Garden tools Handheld Spreader Uneven spreading of grass seed or fertiliser results in leaf-burn, dark streaks, and patchy lawns. Overcome the problem of uneven spreading with MOOWY’s excellent Handspreader tool. Ideal for spreading grass seed, lawn feed, fertiliser, or lawn sand. £ 23.90 View product
Garden tools Telescopic Leaf Rake MOOWY’s telescopic leaf rake is designed for raking leaves and combing out moss from the lawn. Remove debris and organic matter that might otherwise choke your lawn. £ 15.99 View product