Who doesn’t love the summer? Well, hayfever sufferers, perhaps; but most of us enjoy the longer days and warmer evenings at the very least. From fertilising and watering to regular mowing and repairing, summer lawns look fabulous with a little attention.

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Grass seed 5.0 (8 reviews) Shade & Sun Grass Seed Achieve a beautiful lawn even in shady areas, thanks to MOOWY's highly-recommended Shade & Sun grass seed. Our robust, fast-growing seed provides a beautiful, lush lawn with an ornamental feel in both sunny and shaded areas. From: £ 15.99 View product
Top SpringAutumn
Grass seed 4.8 (5 reviews) Premium Lawn Grass Seed Stop dreaming of a beautiful, English ornamental lawn; get one with MOOWY’s Premium Lawn Grass Seed.This exceptional grass seed blend is MOOWY’s showpiece. From: £ 16.99 View product
Kits 4.8 (5 reviews) Lawn Overseeding Kit Overseeding is one of the best ways to get a more beautiful and full lawn. Our all-in-one kit includes our excellent Sports & Fun grass seed (with special ProNitro coating) and our powerful Lawn Starter fertiliser, specially developed to improve germination. MOOWY’s Overseeding kit will give you a lush, full lawn in no time. From: £ 23.99 View product
Grass seed 4.9 (29 reviews) Quick Repair Grass Seed Repair the bald spots in your lawn with Quick Repair grass seed. This grass seed mixture germinates rapidly and repairs damage in no time. Ideal for quick results.  From: £ 13.99 View product
Grass seed 4.4 (27 reviews) Power Lawn Grass Seed For fast-growing Premier League-quality lawns! MOOWY’s Power Lawn grass seed germinates and proliferates for a rapid transformation of your treasured outdoor space. Hardy, with a life cycle of several years. From: £ 14.99 View product
Grass seed 4.7 (11 reviews) Sport & Fun Grass Seed For lawns that see a lot of action, you need extra robust grass. Sport & Fun grass seed is a fast-germinating mix that ensures rapid growth for high-use lawns. Resilient, beautiful, and ready for action. From: £ 14.99 View product
Lawn feed 4.8 (4 reviews) Lawn Lime Lime treatments help your grass absorb more nutrients from the earth and other lawn care products you apply throughout the year. Our Lawn Lime is made from English limestone and is super-effective in lowering your soil’s acidity level. From: £ 11.99 View product
Garden tools 5.0 (2 reviews) Hollow Tine Aerator Aerate your lawn with our exceptional lawn aerator. Aerating permits the even distribution of air, water, and nutrients throughout the soil. Strengthens the roots, improves drainage, and gives you a stronger lawn. £ 24.99 View product
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Lawn feed 4.6 (13 reviews) Long Lasting Lawn Fertiliser Give your grass everything it needs without the excessive growth often associated with fertilising. MOOWY’S long lasting lawn fertiliser works for over 90 days and delivers quick results. From: £ 13.99 View product
Garden tools Lawn Care Safety Kit Protect yourself while fertilising and spraying pesticides in your garden. Our Lawn Care Safety Kit includes comfortable safety goggles, tough rubber gardening gloves, and a protective face mask. £ 10.79 View product
Garden tools Lawn Aerator A lawn aerator improves the distribution of water, nutrients, and air through your soil, creating a more robust root network and a healthy, luscious lawn. Aeration should be performed once or twice every year for optimal benefit. £ 57.99 View product
Garden tools Sprinkler with Stabilising Awl Watering your lawn has never been easier, thanks to our Impact Sprinkler with Stabilising Awl. Creates an adjustable mist that optimises absorption for young and established lawns. £ 24.99 View product