Your lawn has a range of needs - from scarifying and fertilising to overseeding and liming. Our premium kits offer everything your lawn needs for that extra burst of freshness, vital verdancy, and optimal health. Give your lawn the kiss of life with MOOWY’s specially curated lawn care kits.

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Kits 4.9 (11 reviews) Scarifying Kit Standard Has moss found its way into your lawn? An excellent way to get rid of this is to scarify. Our Standard Scarifying Kit contains everything you need to make your scarifying project a success - with stunning results From: £ 36.99 View product
Kits 4.8 (5 reviews) Lawn Overseeding Kit Overseeding is one of the best ways to get a more beautiful and full lawn. Our all-in-one kit includes our excellent Sports & Fun grass seed (with special ProNitro coating) and our powerful Lawn Starter fertiliser, specially developed to improve germination. MOOWY’s Overseeding kit will give you a lush, full lawn in no time. From: £ 23.99 View product
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Kits 4.9 (8 reviews) Dry Lawn Restore Kit After a hot and dry summer, MOOWY's Dry Lawn Restore Kit transforms your yellow, dry grass into a wonderfully green lawn within two weeks. Includes a step-by-step plan to guarantee success. From: £ 23.99 View product
Kits 4.8 (5 reviews) Scarifying Kit Complete Our complete scarifying kit contains everything you need to make scarifying a breeze. It contains a moss killer, stress-relieving nutrients, high-quality grass seed, and pH-optimising lime. You’ll be admiring your beautiful lawn again in no time. From: £ 46.99 View product
Kits 4.8 (5 reviews) Scarifying Kit Minimum If you have just a little moss to clear, this bundle will provide everything you need to help your lawn recover from the stress of scarification. From: £ 23.99 View product
Kits 4.8 (10 reviews) Autumn Lawn Care Kit In autumn, your lawn recovers from the hot summer days and slowly but surely prepares for the cold season. If you want to support your lawn in this process, you can care for it with our autumn lawn care set. Our All-round Lawn Fertiliser provides the necessary nutrients and Lawn Lime improves the pH value of the soil. From: £ 21.99 View product
Kits Scarifying Repair Kit Scarification is the removal of the organic matter that chokes the roots of your lawn (such as thatch and moss). However, scarifying can stress your grass. So, after scarifying, treat your lawn with some MOOWY-style love to help it recover. Our Scarifying Repair Kit guarantees rapid, successful recovery with exceptional results. From: £ 23.99 View product

Lawn care Kits

Your lawn has to endure a lot throughout the year: hard, cold winters; heavy use during the summer; falling leaves and organic debris in the autumn. And as time goes by, your lawn becomes tired: developing bald spots, losing its healthy greenness, and becoming generally lacklustre.

But all is not lost. MOOWY offers a range of expertly curated kits for every lawn, from complete renovation to simple overseeding.

If your lawn needs a total renovation, try one of our premium Scarification Kits, including the essential nutrients and overseeding mixes that will help your grass withstand the stress of demossing and renovating.

Perhaps your lawn needs a slow-release boost of nutrients to optimise your grass plants’ health and vitality. Our Lawn Repair kits include a selection of premium, granulated fertilisers (used by FIFA for World Cup stadiums) and specially selected seeds for a complete transformation of your existing lawn.


We expect a lot from our lawn, but we need to provide a little TLC for the best results. That tender, loving care is perfectly addressed with our premium lawn care kits.

Remember, there’s no gain without pain – overcome soil acidity with an annual application of MOOWY’s Lawn Lime.

  • Everything your lawn needs for optimal health
  • Scarification kits for dethatching and moss killing, fertilising, and overseeding.
  • Lawn Repair kits for premium fertilisation and overseeding
  • Autumn kit to address seasonal needs for lawns and maximum soil health