Spring, the best season
to fertilise and water

Who doesn’t love the summer? Well, hayfever sufferers, perhaps; but most of us enjoy the longer days and warmer evenings at the very least.

Summers are all about lazing around in the garden and celebrating the sunshine with friends and family.

Your lawn experiences its heaviest use during this balmy period, so there’s a range of tasks that will help you maintain the beauty and health of your lawn through this heavy-traffic season.

From fertilising and watering to regular mowing and repairing, summer lawns look fabulous with a little attention. With that in mind, these are the three essential tasks to complete during the summer:


Our granulated fertilisers offer slow-release nutrition for your lawn which lasts for up to 90 days. So, after your springtime fertilising, your lawn will be thirsty for more by midsummer. Fertilising really is one of the easiest lawncare jobs - just sprinkle the granules over the lawn using a hand spreader or by hand. Summertime fertilising makes your lawn more drought-resistant and robust for heavy use.


You just can’t rely on a British summer to remain dry. But you can bet your bottom dollar; if you decide to leave the watering of your lawn to nature, there won’t be enough rain to nourish it. Watering can be a hassle, and it’s difficult to know exactly how much to water - overwatering is just as bad as underwatering. Using an impact sprinkler helps your lawn get enough water it needs without the effort.


Your grass grows at its fastest during the summer, so it’s essential to keep on top of the cutting. It’s not just about the look of the lawn, though (although everyone loves that just-cut look, don’t they?). Mowing the lawn stimulates healthy growth. However, make sure never to cut more than one-third of the grass blade’s total length to ensure that it grows back healthily. And make sure the blade on your mower is sharp - blunt blades rip the leaves, leaving them open to disease.


summer, the best
season to fertilise & water

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I would like to recommend the following products for spring:

Long Lasting Lawn Fertiliser

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NO good to use
Fertilising your lawn is an essential chore, but you have to get it right- like all garden tasks. One of the problems with fertilising is that it can make your grass grow more quickly, which means that you’re forever mowing to keep it looking neat. However, Easy Mow fertiliser is the perfect summer lawn feed - slow-release for steady growth - without the constant mowing. And, like Spring Boost, a single application lasts for up to 90 days, so one summertime sprinkle will last until the autumn.
Grass seed

Quick Repair Grass Seed

Best to use
OK to use
NO good to use
Over the summer, your lawn sees lots of action, from sunbathing and ball games to BBQs and garden parties. All this use can stress the healthiest of lawns, and you might find that heavy-use areas start to wear a little thin. We developed MOOWY’s Quick Repair lawn seed to germinate rapidly, making it the ideal mix for mid-season overseeding. For Premier League-quality lawns, this easy-spread lawn seed repairs struggling patches with perennial ryegrass and Red Fescue for full and thick lawns that stand up to heavy traffic.
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Top All products, Kits, Scarifying 4.1 Scarifying Kit Standard Has moss found its way into your lawn? An excellent way to get rid of this is to scarify. Our Standard Scarifying Kit contains everything you need to make your scarifying project a success - with stunning results. £44,99£269,99
Top All products, Autumn, Kits, Scarifying, Spring 4.1 Scarifying Kit Minimum If you have just a little moss to clear, this bundle will provide everything you need to help your lawn recover from the stress of scarification. Includes Iron Plus 2-in-1 moss killer to prepare the lawn for scarification and Spring Boost fertiliser to minimise stress and inhibit weeds. £27,99£129,99
Top All products, Autumn, Kits, Scarifying, Spring 4.1 Scarifying Kit Complete Our complete scarifying kit contains everything you need to make scarifying a breeze. It contains a moss killer, stress-relieving nutrients, high-quality grass seed, and pH-optimising lime. You’ll be admiring your beautiful lawn again in no time. £49,99£298,00


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