5 reasons to create a lawn

These days, many people prefer a low-maintenance garden. Gardens are tiled and artificial grass is on the rise. But if you ask me, nothing beats a beautiful, real lawn. In this blog, I'll give you 5 reasons why it's worth having a lawn.

2 MIN 17 Sep
Last update: 27 Sep 2021

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A beautiful appearance

This is perhaps the most important reason for many people. If your lawn is in good condition, it is a real feast for the eyes. A beautiful, deep green lawn that feels soft to your bare feet, on which you can play and picnic. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

A playground for children and/or animals

Do you have (grand)children or pets? A lawn is a great place to let them run wild. Grass is resilient and can take a beating, so you don’t have to worry about your lawn being damaged immediately. And if your child accidentally falls over, it is a lot less painful on grass than on tiles. If you want to create a place where your children can play safely, consider a lawn. If you have enough space, you can combine it with a swing or a trampoline. 

Time well spent with quick results

Fair is fair: if you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, you have to work hard! After all, a lawn requires a lot of maintenance. Mowing, scarifying, sowing, fertilising and removing weeds are some of the tasks. But do you have green fingers, enjoy being outdoors and like chores that produce quick results? Then a lawn is for you! Would you like to know how best to maintain your lawn? Under tips & advice, you will find various articles on the most diverse lawn topics. 

Less water nuisance

More and more gardens are being tiled. But all it takes is one good downpour – and we get more and more of those in the Low Countries – and the garden is flooded. Tiling your garden prevents water from finding its way to the ground. Not only do you have to find a way to get rid of the rainwater, but the weight of the tiles can cause them to sink. If you have a lawn, rainwater has a great capacity to collect. It nourishes the soil and ensures that grass starts growing again and (re)acquires its green colour. 

Better for nature

This reason is an extension of the previous one, but I am deliberately mentioning it separately. With tiles in the garden or by laying artificial grass, you are already fighting the soil life. If you have a lawn, you stimulate biodiversity. Worms and beetles that live in the soil are food for birds. OK, a neatly mowed lawn offers no shelter and food for insects such as butterflies and bees, but you can attract these insects by letting (a part of) your lawn grow a little longer. This will give daisies and dandelions a chance to grow. This in turn is food for insects. Another good reason: longer grass is more resistant to drought and heat.


These are my tips. What is a reason for you to have a lawn? Comment in the comments. 


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