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Scarifying Kit Standard Has moss found its way into your lawn? An excellent way to get rid of this is to scarify. Our Standard Scarifying Kit contains everything you need to make your scarifying project a success – with stunning results From: £ 36.99
Shade & Sun Grass Seed Achieve a beautiful lawn even in shady areas, thanks to MOOWY’s highly-recommended Shade & Sun grass seed. Our robust, fast-growing seed provides a beautiful, lush lawn with an ornamental feel in both sunny and shaded areas. From: £ 15.99
Spring Boost Lawn Fertiliser Give your lawn a year-round lush, green, and healthy look with Spring Boost springtime fertiliser. Grass fertiliser specially designed for use during the spring.  From: £ 12.99

What users say

My lawn is beautifully full and has a wonderful colour. As a ‘lawn lover’ I like to experiment with different fertilisers. I gladly recommend the fertilisers from MOOWY to anyone who wants their grass to be greener than the neighbours!
Koen H.
For 10 years, my grass didn’t look like much anymore. I had tried everything, but nothing worked. This year with MOOWY, followed the Instructions, it was amazing! After three weeks , the result, I can hardly believe it. It is a top product! Thank you MOOWY.
Sebastien D.