Spring Boost Lawn Fertiliser


Spring Boost Lawn Fertiliser

Spring Boost Lawn Fertiliser

Give your lawn a year-round lush, green, and healthy look with Spring Boost springtime fertiliser. Grass fertiliser specially designed for use during the spring. 


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Your lawn probably looks a little tired and unloved after a long, dark, cold winter. MOOWY Spring Boost lawn fertiliser contains everything your lawn needs for its springtime reawakening. 

Give your lawn the kickstart it needs to boost its initial growth period, ensuring a beautifully robust summertime lawn. 

Use this nitrogen-rich fertiliser for fast, healthy growth and sturdy roots. Rebuild your lawn’s natural resistance after the winter dormancy. 

Spring Boost promises a beautiful, lush, and healthy lawn without the effort. The granules nestle deep into the grass, preventing your lawn mover from sucking it up.

  • Speedy results – you’ll notice an improvement in density, colour, and growth after one week. Wake your lawn from its winter dormancy with a boost.
  • Simple application – Just scatter the high-quality granules over your lawn. No need to mix with water. 
  • Safe for kids and pets – odour-free: Unlike other high-nitrogen fertilisers, children and pets are free to play on the lawn immediately after application. With no unpleasant odour, you’ll only notice Spring Boost is there once your lawn springs to life. 

Spring Boost works best in spring but also adds vitality during the summer and autumn. Suitable for all soil types and grass species. 

This is a granular lawn fertiliser; best spread with a drop spreader or hand spreader.

To fertilise, use 25g/m2 

NPK – ratio: 12-5-5 + 2%MgO

Period of use

Best to use
OK to use
NO good to use
N - Nitrogen
Stimulates the growth of the grass leaf
P - Phosphorus
Promotes root growth
K - Potassium
Improves disease resistance
MgO - Magnesium Oxide
Stimulates cell structure and green colour for better photosynthesis


  1. Enjoy a greener lawn in as little as three days
  2. Promotes a strong, healthy, and green lawn
  3. 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back
  4. Used on over 100,000 lawns
  5. Child- & Pet Safe 
  6. Odour Free
  7. Easy Application
  8. Easy user manual
  9. Resealable packaging for excellent shelf life
  10.  Up to 4 times less fertiliser needed than other manufacturers

User manual

  1. Remove fallen leaves and garden waste before mowing (no shorter than 5 cm). 
  2. Divide fertiliser into two equal parts: sprinkle part 1 lengthways and part 2 widthways. 
  3. Water well to activate. 
  4. Enjoy your lawn as usual. Safe for immediate use.

Product details

Soil type For all soil and grass types
Sowing rate 25g/m2
Period of use February until November
Granule size 2-3 mm
Odour None
Safety Safe for children and pets. Lawn available for use immediately after application.
Packaging type Pouch
Resealable Yes
Manufacturer MOOWY


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Spring Boost Lawn Fertiliser Give your lawn a year-round lush, green, and healthy look with Spring Boost springtime fertiliser. Grass fertiliser specially designed for use during the spring.  £14,99£89,99