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Mole repeller
Biological pest control

Mole repeller

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Permanently drives moles out of your garden | Maximum coverage of up to 1200 m² | Pets are not affected

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Every garden owner can face the challenge of moles invading their garden. When the first molehill appears, it's important to take action swiftly, as these creatures can quickly ruin your lawn. Luckily, there's an effective and animal-friendly solution to drive moles out of your garden.

Our mole repellent emits underground vibrations at random intervals to prevent moles from getting accustomed to it, and it's safe to use even if you have pets or children. Only the moles in your garden will be affected. Since the mole repeller operates on batteries, you can place it anywhere you need. Using the included perforator tube, create an opening in the ground and then position our mole deterrent—it becomes active immediately. Existing moles will typically leave your garden within a few days. Once installed, you can continue to use your lawn as usual, including mowing the grass without any issues.


Furthermore, the mole repellent also works preventively. So, even if you haven't spotted any moles in your garden yet and want to safeguard your lawn, it's wise to install a repellent for moles. The device operates for approximately 3 months on 4 x 1.5 V batteries (type D, batteries not included).

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The package contains 1 mole catcher and a perforator tube for installing the mole catcher. Batteries (4 x type D) are not included.


  • Permanently repels moles from your garden
  • Pets are not bothered by it
  • Easy to install
  • Maximum reach of an impressive 1200 m²
  • Also effective against vole rats

Period of use

Good to use
Not recommended to use

User manual

  • Use the perforator tube to make a hole in the ground.
  • Remove the soil from the tube.
  • Insert the batteries into the mole catcher and screw it closed.
  • Place the mole catcher in the ground.
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