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Autumn Lawn Care Kit
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Autumn Lawn Care Kit


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Autumn is the ideal time to maintain your lawn. With the right care, your lawn will showcase its best side. Our autumn lawn fertiliser will stimulate a dense grass mat and increase your lawn's resistance to fungi and diseases during winter. Moreover, shortly after treatment, the lawn will exhibit a stunning deep green color.

This kit includes the following products:


Universal lawn fertiliser: To provide your lawn with nutrients and extra winter hardiness to endure the winter and come back stronger in the spring.
Lawn lime: To adjust the soil pH for optimal nutrient uptake.
With MOOWY's lawn lime, you ensure a less acidic soil. This allows the lawn to absorb nutrients more effectively, preventing moss from taking over your garden next winter. The same goes for weeds in the spring.

This perfect autumn lawn care not only allows you to enjoy a beautiful, lush lawn during the last sunny days of the year but also yields visible results in the spring.

Shape up your lawn in autumn, and you'll have less moss to remove in the spring.
Our Lawn Autumn Kit contains all the nutrients your lawn needs after a tough summer of dry periods and foot traffic.
Optimize your soil's pH value, and watch your lawn shine.

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Composition Quantity Description

Lawn Fertiliser
N – Nitrogen 3% Stimulates the growth of the grass leaf
P – Phosphorus 7% Promotes root growth
K – Potassium 10% Improves disease resistance
MgO – Magnesium Oxide 3% Stimulates cell structure and green colour for better photosynthesis
CaO – calcium oxide 8% Reduces the acidity of the soil and facilitates nutrient uptake
Composition Quantity Description

Lawn Lime
Calcium oxide (CaO) 40% Lowers the acidity level of the soil, allowing grass to grow better than moss. The grass can also absorb nutrients more easily at higher Ph values. Ideal Ph between 5.5 & 6.5


  • Keeps moss and weeds at bay
  • Prepares your lawn for winter
  • Promotes deep green color and healthy, lush growth
  • Yields beautiful results in autumn and the following spring
  • Simple application and clear instructions

Period of use

Good to use
Not recommended to use

*Only to be used at temperatures above 5° Celsius
*Leave at least 3 weeks between fertilising and liming

User manual

Soil type For all soil types
Sowing rate 17 g/m²
Use Frequently treaded lawn
Period of use All-year-round, in temperatures above 5° celsius
Type Granulate
Odour None
Safety Not harmful for children and pets after application
Packaging type Pouch
Resealable Yes
Manufacturer MOOWY
Sowing new lawn Use double the amount when creating a new lawn
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