Lawn feed
Lawn Starter Fertiliser
£ 17.99

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4.8 (14 reviews)
Lawn feed
4.8 (14 reviews)
Lawn feed

Lawn Starter Fertiliser

4.8 (14 reviews)

Boost the young plant’s development and create robust roots with our specially composed Lawn Starter mix; for the best chance of success with a young lawn. 

£ 17.99

  In Stock - Next day delivery

4.8 (14 reviews)


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Give your young lawn the best chance to thrive with our expertly-developed Lawn Starter fertiliser, providing the exact nutrient composition to promote the healthy establishment of new grass plants. Read more...

Apply Lawn Starter as you sow your new lawn seed, offering a high phosphorus content that promotes healthy root development. Magnesium helps your young grass plants absorb the nutrients it needs to become a robust adult plant. 

Lawn Starter uses MOOWY’s unique granular coating. This promotes a slow-release of nutrients, preventing the nutrient surge you get with competitor products (which can damage the young grass).

  • Put an end to yellow or brown spots. Young lawns need potassium to grow strong roots and sturdy blades, along with minimal nitrogen (which burns the leaves).  
  • Odourless & harmless to children and animals.
  • Easy to use. Includes detailed instructions for use and gardener-friendly packaging! Resealable for maximum shelf life.

Application 25g/m2

NPK Ratio: 6-10-8 + 2%MgO

N – Nitrogen6%Stimulates the growth of the grass leaf

Composition Quantity Description
P – Phosphorus 10% Promotes root growth
K – Potassium 8% Improves disease resistance
MgO – Magnesium Oxide 2% Stimulates cell structure and green colour for better photosynthesis

Period of use

Best to use
OK to use
NOT good to use


  • Premium absorption for young grass 
  • Slow-acting nitrogen stimulates vigorous shoots 
  • No additional water required (if the soil is already moist)
  • Odourless after application
  • Can be used before, during, or after sowing new grass seed
  • Easy resealable packaging for maximum shelf life
  • Used in over 100,000 gardens
  • Easy user manual
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back

User manual

Measure out the correct amount of Lawn Starter fertiliser for the size of your lawn. Suitable for all-year-round application and for young lawns as well as freshly sown seed.  

  1. Prepare the soil for planting by removing stones and levelling it out with a rake. 
  2. Sow the seed and divide the fertiliser into two equal parts. Spread evenly over the lawn (taking one part lengthways and the other half widthways).
  3. Lightly water the lawn for faster action.

Product details

Soil type For all types of grass and soil
Sowing rate 25g/m2
Period of use February until October
Type Granulate 2 – 3 mm
Odour None
Safety Not harmful to children and pets after application
Packaging type Pouch
Resealable Yes
Manufacturer MOOWY