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Iron Sulphate: What Is It & How Do You Use It?

Iron sulphate is a fertiliser that can be used for several purposes. Learn about how iron sulphate works and discover specific uses that will help you optimise your garden plans.

4 MIN 24 Sep
Last update: 12 Dec 2023
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What is Iron Sulphate?

Iron sulphate is a chemically formulated product that you can use yourself to remedy an iron deficiency in your lawn.

Table of contents:
  • What is Iron Sulphate?
  • What is iron sulphate used for?
  • How to use iron sulphate
  • What is the right time for application?
  • Is it harmful to animals?
  • Take note!
  • Buying iron sulphate

Iron is crucial for plants, helping them produce sugars through photosynthesis using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. This process enhances plant strength and gives your grass that lush, deep green color.

Because iron is considered a trace element and isn’t always naturally abundant in the soil, it’s often added to NPK fertilisers. This ensures that, despite its small quantities, plants receive the essential contribution needed for optimal growth and vibrant color.

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What is iron sulphate used for?

Iron sulphate has multiple applications, including:

Post-winter treatment:

During winter, your lawn faces challenges like cold, limited sunlight, and potential pest or disease influences. Applying iron sulfate enhances grass resistance, making it better equipped to handle these conditions.

Promoting a green lawn:

If your lawn has taken on a yellow or brown hue, iron sulfate offers a solution. Within a week of application, it revitalises your lawn, giving it a fresh, green appearance.

Pre-scarifying boost:

Iron sulfate boosts grass resistance, making it beneficial before scarifying. This process, involving cutting through the grass to remove dead materials, allows the grass to breathe and absorb nutrients.

Fighting lawn moss with iron sulphate

The Garden Doctor:

An accurate measure of iron sulphate kills moss in as little as four days.

Effective in moss control, iron sulfate eliminates moss within four days of application. It’s important to note that iron sulfate acidifies the soil, requiring attention to potential low pH with additional liming after use.

Enriching soil composition
Front image of the Lawn Lime lawn feed product pouch with lawn feed in front of the pouch
Enriching soil composition
Lawn Lime
  • Reduces soil acidity
  • Promotes nutrient uptake
  • Quickly absorbed into the soil
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How to use iron sulphate

It can be applied in two ways: by mixing it with sand or by dissolving it in water.

Mixing with sand

Mix 2-3kg of product with 4-5kg of sand per 100m2. Spread the mixture over the lawn by hand or with a spreader.

Dissolving in water

For the same area of 100 m2, dissolve 60-250 grams of iron sulphate (depending on conditions and soil pH) in 100 litres of water. To make the mixture more manageable, use a 10-litre watering can. Fill it with water and add 6-25 grams (about half a cup) of iron sulphate.

What is the right time for application?

Iron sulphate is most effective when applied under dry and windless conditions. A light irrigation will speed up absorption into the soil, but you can also spread when rain is expected, preferably not a downpour to avoid washing away. The ideal period for application extends from September to May.

The Garden Doctor:

Iron sulphate can leave unsightly, brown, rusty stains. Therefore, wear old clothes and shoes.

Keep in mind that iron sulphate can leave stains. Be careful with stones, concrete and paving, as stains can appear there too.

Give your lawn time to absorb the compound, and avoid treading on it for at least several weeks.

Is it harmful to animals?

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Iron sulphate consists of natural minerals and is not toxic to animals. Of course, they are not meant to eat it, so store the packaging well. Do not use too much either. Always follow the recommended amount as described on the packaging.

Take note!

It is not recommended to use iron sulphate on a recently sown lawn, or one that is three months or younger. At this stage, a new lawn does not yet have the capacity to fully absorb all nutrients. Using iron sulphate during this period may disturb the soil’s acidity rather than contribute to grass growth.

Buying iron sulphate

Choose MOOWY’s fertiliser with iron sulphate and kill two birds with one stone: you supply your lawn with iron and feed it at the same time. This fertiliser is available in convenient granules, meaning you don’t need to mix it first – it’s ready to use straight away!

Colours your grass a deep lush green
Front image of the 2-in-1 Moss Killer and Fertiliser lawn feed product pouch with lawn feed in front of the pouch
Colours your grass a deep lush green
Iron Sulphate Lawn Fertiliser
  • 2-in-1: Moss killer & lawn feed in one!
  • High-quality granules – not cheap powder!
  • Added iron sulphate increases resistance and helps the lawn recover after the winter
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Its advantages in a nutshell:

Moss killer & Lawn nutrition-in-1:
An all-in-one solution with no extra products, costs, or extra work.
Quick Result:
Experience a colour boost within 2 days and a full colour transformation in just one week, ideal for recovery after the cold winter months.
Immediately Walkable Lawn after 7 Days:
Within a week, your lawn will be accessible again.
Easy to Use:
Includes detailed instructions and user-friendly packaging for gardeners.
Safe Storage:
The resealable packaging ensures safe storage of the product.

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Do you have questions, comments, or want to share your own gardening experiences? Leave a comment below!

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