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How to Fit Lawn Care into a Busy Schedule

Juggling a hectic timetable? We've got you covered! Discover 8 tips to seamlessly integrate a lawn care schedule into your busy life.

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Maintaining a lush, verdant lawn can seem overwhelming, especially when juggling a packed schedule. But fret not; with the right strategies and planning, you can effortlessly fit lawn care into your bustling routine.

Discover practical tips and handy advice on achieving that dream lawn without compromising your busy lifestyle.

Ready? We’ll be quick!

1. Identify your lawn care needs

A beautifully lush lawn

Your lawn looks fantastic when thriving, but it can be a picky ally with many potential problems. Aside from fitting in the mowing (we have time-saving tips for that!), there’s the very real potential for pests and diseases.

So, if you notice brown patches or spots on your lawn, there could be several reasons:

Animal urine

Round patches of dead grass are often caused by dog urine, which contains acid. These patches start by turning yellow and worsen over time. Flush affected areas with water to dilute the acids affecting your lawn’s appearance.


Depending on your region’s climate, your lawn typically needs about an inch of water weekly. So, it’s time to invest in an automatic sprinkler (more about that later).


This happens when you mow the grass too short, turning the grass dry and brown. Set your mower’s blades to the highest setting and cut more gradually.

Or yellowing could result from cutting with blunt blades, which tear the grass rather than slice. Find out how to sharpen your mower blades.


Uncontrolled weeds can make your lawn compete for water and food, resulting in browning. Check out our comprehensive guide to killing lawn weeds.

High soil pH

If your soil pH is too high, it’s too acidic, causing the grass to turn brown. Apply Lawn Lime and read our comprehensive guide to lowering your lawn’s acidity.


Lawn mushrooms could cause brown circles and dying grass. The circle is the giveaway, as mushrooms grow in rings. Find out how to get rid of mushrooms in your lawn.


Grass that is diseased or experiencing heat stress due to a lack of water will be more vulnerable to insects eating away at the grass root. Find out how to tackle lawn pests.

2. Create a lawn maintenance plan

Create a simple lawn maintenance plan with action items and dates to make lawn care less stressful. Writing things down can help clear your mind and reduce stress, making it easier to delegate tasks.

Schedule your lawn care time

Block out time in your calendar each month for lawn care and gardening. If you know you have specific tasks in a precise time window, you can plan to have all the right tools and equipment before you start.

This will help you plan your month better and reserve time for your lawn care routine.

3. Invest in automatic watering systems

A garden sprinkler watering a lawn

There’s no denying it: lawns are thirsty. And while we can generally rely on the rain in the UK, you may need to irrigate your lawn during drought periods.

So, consider an automatic watering system, like a built-in sprinkler, which will save you considerable time and effort.

These devices allow you to set your watering times and frequency, ensuring your lawn gets watered even if you forget to do so. However, consider a freestanding sprinkler that rotates or rolls across your lawn if you can’t install an auto-watering system.

4. Utilise slow-release fertilisers

Fertilisers that contain slow-release nitrogen encourage healthy root and leaf development, allowing you to apply fertiliser less frequently.

Check out MOOWY’s excellent slow-release lawn feeds for optimal growth, colour, and resistance.

5. Mow consistently (but not too short)

It can be tempting to mow your lawn extra short to save time. But mowing a lawn too short results in a lack of vitality — your lawn will look ugly very quickly.

Never trim off more than one-third of the blade leaf, and let your grass grow a little longer than usual — it’s great for wildlife.

And remember: using an electric lawn mower can save you time and energy.

White car-like robot lawnmower on grass

Better still, consider a robot lawnmower, which keeps your lawn in great shape with minimal intervention.

6. Apply weed killer strategically

Administer a herbicide early in the spring to prevent weeds from taking root.

However, as the season progresses, you might observe new weed growth. It they appear in patches, spot-spray them with a handheld herbicide.

7. Maintain your tools

With the right gardening equipment and tools, lawn maintenance can be quick, easy, and carefree. A zero-turn lawn mower or other riding lawn mower can cut your mowing time in half.

Keep your tools clean to prevent disease contamination, and keep cutting blades sharp; blunt blades can damage your lawn.

8. Ask for help

Recruit a few helping hands to get the job done quicker. You may learn some new lawn-mowing tips and tricks from the neighbours.

A lawn care schedule for busy people

Put your regular maintenance on autopilot by installing an in-ground sprinkler system and using a robot lawn mower.

Maintaining a lush, green lawn doesn’t have to be daunting. With a strategic approach, the right tools, and some help, you can fit lawn care into your busy schedule and enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn without breaking a sweat.

Check out our comprehensive Help & Advice section for more expert lawn care and gardening tips.

Happy mowing!

Louis Hooft
Founder & Lawn expert
Introducing Louis Hooft, the founder of MOOWY and your reliable expert. With a profound love for stunning lawns and extensive experience in garden maintenance, Louis is here to assist garden enthusiasts in achieving a greener and livelier outdoors than ever before. Count on Louis for invaluable tips, clever tricks, and top-notch products to make your garden flourish!
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