Wave goodbye to moss, mulch, and weeds by scarifying your lawn. MOOWY has everything you need for a successful scarifying project: fertiliser that strengthens the lawn, lime to kill off the moss, scarifying tools or entire kits. We have the best solutions for this challenging process.

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Kits Scarifying Kit Standard Has moss found its way into your lawn? An excellent way to get rid of this is to scarify. Our Standard Scarifying Kit contains everything you need to make your scarifying project a success - with stunning results. From: £44.99 Go to product
Kits Scarifying Repair Kit Scarification is the removal of the organic matter that chokes the roots of your lawn (such as thatch and moss). However, scarifying can stress your grass. So, after scarifying, treat your lawn with some MOOWY-style love to help it recover. Our Scarifying Repair Kit guarantees rapid, successful recovery with exceptional results. From: £29.99 Go to product
Lawn feed 2-in-1 Moss Killer and Fertiliser Iron Plus 2-in-1 fertiliser and moss killer colours your grass a deep, lush green, helping the lawn recover after its winter dormancy. Iron sulphate is suitable for all lawn types (with or without moss).  From: £14.99 Go to product
Garden tools Adjustable Scarifying Rake Give your grass a chance to thrive by ridding it of moss and thatch with MOOWY’s brilliant scarifying rake. Adjustable for comfort. £49.99 Go to product
Kits Scarifying Kit Complete Our complete scarifying kit contains everything you need to make scarifying a breeze. It contains a moss killer, stress-relieving nutrients, high-quality grass seed, and pH-optimising lime. You’ll be admiring your beautiful lawn again in no time. From: £49.00 Go to product
Kits Scarifying Kit Minimum If you have just a little moss to clear, this bundle will provide everything you need to help your lawn recover from the stress of scarification. From: £27.99 Go to product

Lawn Scarifying

Scarifying your lawn is the process of clearing debris and moss that can choke the roots. Aerating your soil for improved oxygen absorption will make your grass grow stronger and faster.

The best time to scarify depends on how intensively you use your garden. Anytime between April to September is suitable, but remember: your lawn will need some time to recover.

For this reason, most people choose to scarify during the early part of spring when the lawn is in minimal use; preparing the grass and soil for that fabulous summer perfection.

Aerating your lawn and moss control

Scarifying is most beneficial when there’s a layer of moss covering the ground below the grass blades’ tips. In addition to moss, you may find other garden debris such as fallen leaves and organic matter, which clogs up your soil.

If your lawn is relatively moss free, you could postpone the task until next year. If the lawn thatch is 2cm or more in height, it’s time to scarify!

How To Scarify A Lawn?

Scarifying could be an Olympic sport: it’s exhausting but good for your health. Your grass probably feels the same way – because scarification is a stressful activity for your lawn. Therefore, you must fertilise well before you scarify, then mow your lawn to 4cm. Two weeks later, cut the grass to 3cm, and as soon as the grass is dry, you can get started.

Adjust your scarifying tool so that the blades penetrate the earth to around 2-3mm. Then drive the device evenly over the lawn – first lengthways, then across (or vice versa).

At this stage, remove the moss and organic debris and fill in any bald spots with fast-growing lawn seed.

Your lawn will initially look a little sorry for itself but will spring back to life in no time. Give your lawn a break until it’s showing signs of recovery.