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The Great Grass Seed Comparison!

It can be tricky to choose the right grass seed for your garden. Check out our review of some of the most popular brands.

7 MIN 02 Jun
Last update: 05 Jun 2023
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There are many brands selling high-quality grass seed. But are all seeds the same? And is it possible to get great results from budget products?

Table of contents:
  • Low quality vs high-quality seed
  • What should you look for when choosing grass seed?
  • What’s being compared?
  • When to choose Miracle-Gro grass seed
  • When to choose The Grass People grass seed
  • When to choose LawnSmith grass seed
  • When to choose Gro-Sure for lawn seed
  • When to choose MOOWY for lawn seed
  • FAQs

Perhaps you want the most beautiful ornamental lawn, like the one from Downton Abbey? Or maybe you need a super-hardy lawn that can stand up to ball games and curious pets? Or your garden might be in partial shade — what then?

Well, you’ve come to the right place –  this article is all about choosing the right grass seed for your needs and exploring the best grass seed products on the market. 

Ready? Let’s go!

Low quality vs high-quality seed

The eternal question: is it worth going for the budget brands when it comes to grass seed?

Of course, there’s a good argument for spending less — if you get a kilo of grass seed for a tenner, why would you possibly go all out and spend more?

Well, principally, it’s about the germination rate. This is the ratio of the seeds that you sow that germinate. Also, high-quality seeds generally offer a stricter mix of products that promote a healthy, lush lawn.

Cheaper seed products often contain a fair amount of bulking additions. They might say on the label that it’s a grass seed and fertiliser mix, but you really want a higher percentage of grass seed because that’s what will provide the lush green lawn you’re hoping for. 

What should you look for when choosing grass seed?

Pile of grass seeds

First and foremost, choose your grass seed species based on the results you’re hoping for. But consider the functionality rather than the aesthetics. 

In other words, you won’t get great results if you want an ornamental lawn but have kids who want to play ball games. A decorative grass variety won’t have the hardiness you need. 

So, consider the following:

  • The soil type — do you have moisture-retentive, clay soil or well-draining sandy soil? You’ll need to consider a drought-resistant variety if your soil dries out quickly (or you’ll be forever running the sprinkler!).
  • The aspect conditions — do you have full sun, full shade, or a mix? This is an essential consideration when selecting your seed type.
  • The lawn’s purpose — do you want a lawn like Downton or a robust stalwart that stands up to heavy use?
  • Maintenance — all lawns need mowing and feeding, but some need more than others. Are you prepared to mow twice a week in the summer?

Choose a grass seed variety that will thrive in your garden, and you’ll enjoy a beautiful lawn for years to come. 

What’s being compared?

Beautiful, well-cut grass
Beautiful lawn – Photo by Wendy Aros-Routman on Unsplash

We’re going to compare:

  • Seed types
  • Pack sizes
  • Resealable packaging
  • Average Rating 
  • Help available
  • Availability

The products we’re going to compare are:

  • Miracle-Gro
  • The Grass People
  • LawnSmith
  • Gro-Sure
Miracle-GroThe Grass PeopleLawnSmithGro-SureMOOWY
Product  typesPatch Magic Dog Spot Repair

Super Seed Drought-tolerant

Super Seed Hard Wearing 

Fast Grass
Patch Magic, seed, feed & coir

LuxuryShady lawn

Multi-purposeThick’R Lawn
SUPERSTAR: Back lawn

STATEMENT: Front lawn

IMPRESS Clay Master

FAMILY: Kids & Pets

THRIVE: Sandy soils

STEADFAST: Shade/Ultra Shade

RESTORE: Self-repair

ECO: Clover lawn




Smart Lawn

Smart Lawn


Shady Lawn
Power Lawn

Sport & Fun

Quick Repair


Shade & Sun
Packaging sizeVarious, ranging from 1-7kg packetsVarious, up to 20kgVarious — up to 10kgVarious — measured in m2 — up to 250m2Various — measured in m2, up to 1000m2
Resealable packagingPatch Magic, yes — others, noNoNoNoYes
Average Rating (/5)4.5 (Amazon)4.8 (Feefo) / 2.9 Trustpilot4.9 (eKomi)4.5 (Amazon)4.6 (Amazon)
Help on offerDetailed Advice & Inspiration section on websiteDetailed Help & Advice section on websiteDetailed Advice, Trends, and Troubleshooting articles on website Detailed gardening advice section on websiteDetailed Help & Advice section on website
Where to buyAmazon, Argos, CharliesDirect and widely on online stores, including AmazonDirect Direct and widely on online stores, including AmazonDirect and widely on online stores, including Amazon

When to choose Miracle-Gro grass seed

Miracle-Gro is a well-established American lawn care company, having sold lawn seed since 1868. They have an extensive range of lawn seed products, each branded according to hardiness and intended purpose, so it’s easy to select the right product for your garden’s conditions. 


Well-established brand, instantly recognisable

Good average ratings on Amazon

Offers generally good results


One of the more expensive brands

Most packaging is not resealable

When to choose The Grass People grass seed

The Grass People is a relatively young company established in 2015. They specialise in a range of domestic grass seeds, again, with clear product names that help you choose the ideal seed for your garden conditions. 

They also offer a professional range for landscapers, groundkeepers, grounds people, and equestrians, so they can supply in bulk for larger outdoor spaces. 

The Grass People is a business member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and were awarded a Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award for offering excellent service between 2017 and 2019. 


Wide range of products for domestic and professional use

Sell domestic products in bags from 2-20kg in size

Have excellent customer service ratings

Can pay on the website with Apple Pay


Quite expensive delivery charges

When to choose LawnSmith grass seed

Lawnsmith has been in operation since 2003, based in Yorkshire. They started as a lawn care service, offering professional services for domestic and commercial customers, expanding later into lawn seed, fertilisers, and a range of products designed to create an optimum lawn.


Strong customer ratings 

PayPal accepted

Have a smaller range but with clear labelling

Delivery charges are per order (not per item)

Work with Drop Shops and Collection Points for more convenient delivery


Seeds sold in non-resealable bags

When to choose Gro-Sure for lawn seed

Gro-Sure is a sub-brand offered by the Westland Group, operating since 1990, running 23 brands, including Unwins, Resolva, John Innes, Big Tom, and Aftercut. 

The Westland Group offer a one-stop-shop for domestic gardeners, providing a massive range of products from tomato feed and weed killer to high-quality grass seed, lawn feeds, and pesticides. 


The website has an expansive Help & Advice section

Have a small range of grass seeds

Products widely available in-store and online


Part of a large group — grass seed isn’t necessarily their sole focus

When to choose MOOWY for lawn seed

MOOWY is a Dutch company run by brothers Louis and Robert Hooft. They studied at the Golf Academy in the US, where Louis learned how golf courses achieved their perfect turfs. He took his learning and turned it to domestic lawns, providing a range of lawn seeds developed by the manufacturers who supplied FIFA with championship football pitches. 

MOOWY’s range is simple to navigate, with expertly curated lawn seed mixes for every garden type. 


Straightforward instructions

Resealable packaging for all grass seeds and fertilisers

Great customer reviews from passionate customers

Easy to choose the right seed mix for your garden’s conditions

100% satisfaction guarantee

Free delivery on orders over £65


Products are exported from Holland — however, they use Royal Mail courier services, offering next-day delivery and track and trace


What grass seed is best for the UK?

Ask yourself not which grass seed is best but what you want from your lawn seed. Consider your garden’s conditions, including how much sun you get, how well your soil drains, and the state of your existing lawn. MOOWY grass seeds offer excellent germination rates and great value for money. 

What is the easiest grass seed to grow?

All grass seeds are relatively simple to sow — simply prepare the soil, scatter the seed, then press it into the earth; grass seed won’t germinate without soil contact. And water lightly and regularly. Most grass seeds germinate within 12 days of sowing, and while all seeds require appropriate care, you may find cheaper brands offer a lower germination rate. 

What grass seed is best for full sun?

Most grass seeds will thrive in full sun. The question you should really be asking is which grass seeds will thrive in the shade because most gardens have shaded areas where lawns tend to struggle. So, choosing a specific Shade & Sun seed mix will ensure you have successful lawn coverage, even under trees and along walls. 

Any questions?

I hope you’ve got all the info you need to help you choose the right brand for your ideal lawn. But if you have any questions, check out our comprehensive Help & Advice section, or send us an email.

Thanks for reading! 

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  • Describe your lawn:
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    2. B. My lawn will be used intensively (e.g. by children & pets)
    3. C. I would like to have a decorative lawn
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